A brief history of the World’s past.

From the historical archives in the Kingdom of Irsahelm (typed out due to heavy damage on old world paper)


Date: 05/04/2192

“It happened so fast, first we heard the sirens, expected the blast and fires. Our leaders told us in a final message that it was for the ‘Best option for our people’ …bastards all of them.
Because what happened, to our horror, was somehow even worse.

The missiles, created to destroy entire cities and even countries, that actually fired didn’t go up into the air…not one.

Instead, from what we heard, they all launched…simultaneously

straight down into the earth..while the rest exploded in their “secure launch sites”…


For the first hour we had no idea what happened, because we didn’t feel or see anything.

Then the earth shook, beyond what any scale could comprehend.

Then New York just completely disappeared off the face of the map, then the northeast, claimed by the rapidly rising tides.


Any communication we could get our hands on all said the same for the rest of the world, The Scandinavian countries completely shattered apart, Islands breaking off and drifting into the unforgiving waves, whole massive continents being destroyed while fires and floods raged.

Nobody was safe, life as we knew it, had ended.

And all our “leaders” did in their final act of idiocy, was shrug.


  • [name indeterminate due to damage from elements]


Dated 4/14/2255

It has taken years to rebuild to even a fraction of what my grandfather called “The old world” yet society has come back to it’s normalcy, well…in certain ways.

Despite what our ancestors lovingly recall the past, the common consensus is to learn from the past’s mistakes. It’s not a perfect society, but it’s a step forward.
Instead of wars, we have debates and discussions
We utilize technology more for discovery and creation and devote less for weaponry and destruction.
Science and reason have become the forefront of this new way of life.
Like in the ancient times, before the world went into chaos, this is now our new renaissance.

– Jackson V. Hardgrave


{From the files of Natural Scientist N. P. Schilman Date unknown except the year, 2340}
“There’s one area on the map, and I cannot believe I am writing this, that has survived, practically untouched, by the utter chaos from the Great Shift.

It looks as though this area was next to a great city, which has since sunk into the raging seas.
Heavy forests, three deep rivers and forbidding fog, all rule this patch of earth.
However, there’s something else in the middle of all of this…a building, a mansion in fact. Centered in the middle of an eerily calm clearing, my assistant Barnabus, says it used to be a cemetery.
Any attempt to go near it makes the fog grow denser.

As we passed by what used to be what looks like a settlement the rains came, driving myself and my team out, but we were going to regroup and try again.
Then my team and I were also starting to believe that there was something about this area.

Something ethereal, haunting even.
Because in the shadows of the woods we were all feeling like we were being watched.
By what? We don’t know.

However that didn’t stop our headstrong underling Amos from trying again two days later. Utilizing a raft, he made his way back to the area.

We found him on the docks, shaking like he had seen horrors beyond comprehension.
Later, when he came around, we found out he made it to the building. Then he raised his sleeve.
On his arm was etched “You do not belong here. Leave, and never return”.

We abandoned all plans to research the area after that.

To this day, nobody, not even merchant ships travel to the Northern Straits.”