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by | Nov 7, 2022 | Part 1 | 2 comments

(In Obi-Wans voice) Hello, there..

So! Good news and bad news…

Bad news is: That hilariously long comic I was talking about earlier?
Yeah…that didn’t pan out like I hoped it would..

Good news is though!
Got the next couple of comics already waiting for your viewing pleasure!
(throws confetti in the air) “Yay for no month long delays for now!”



I thought to focus a little bit more on Damian Jay and Lenore, if you couldn’t have guessed, these two are infatuated with each other, and their son Bushrat is the end result of that.
Further down the line, in Project KeelHaul part 2 – “Osiris”, we’ll go a little into just how these two met.

Which will lead to part 3 “The Nevermore”

That’s right folks, this thing is in for the long haul.
Thank you for reading! 

-Aaron J.


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-Aaron J.