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by | Jan 2, 2023 | Part 1 | 10 comments

Of course he's upset.

Bushrat had to find out somehow.


Happy 2023 everyone!


(Update as of 1/31/2023:
Hello Everyone! I know I am sorry about the complete lack of updates for PK, but I do have a legit reason.

Those of you who are fans of my earlier comic Cup-Get and follow me on my FB page linked below already know that yes,

Cup-Get part 2 is coming this Halloween! With better writing, better artwork (possibly) and better plot! I’ve also been looking to once again have the OG comic on webtoons or tapas or somewhere else for those that wish to read it.

Right now I’ve been doing a ton of character sketches, storylines, everything else for that and unfortunately…the next pages progress has somewhat stalled O_0


Soooo….yeah, that’s why PK hasn’t exactly progressed in story at all lately.
But yes, next page is underway! I’d say it’s about…35-40% done right now.

I’ll give updates periodically on FB, Twitter, here or Instagram too.


-Aaron J.


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-Aaron J.