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by | Feb 20, 2023 | Part 1 | 18 comments

Point taken.

What does the scarred one have in store for their “Last Hurrah?”


I am deeply sorry about the near two month long delay between posts everyone, I wish I had an answer as to why beyond “Getting into working on CG2 and work from 2pm to 10pm”.
But thank you all for sticking with me!


-Aaron J.



{UPDATE AS OF 6/28/2023}

If you don’t follow me on FB or IG I have recently announced PK here is undergoing hiatus. Due to Cup-Get: Season of the Witch debuting in just Four Months and two days time. It will resume one day, however at this time? Page 33 is where we sit until further notice.

Thank you all,

Aaron J.



Cup-Get: Season of the Witch has gone Live on Webtoon as of 10/31! Enjoy!


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-Aaron J.